Invest in your intellectual property by taking advantage of INPI’s financial aid

Under the PASS PI scheme of the INPI (, your start-up or SME can benefit from financial aid to carry out intellectual property (IP) actions in order to enhance the value of your innovations at the various stages of your project:


1. Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the PASS PI, your company must:
a) be a legal entity (SA, SAAS, SARL, etc.) and have a business purpose;
b) employ less than 1000 employees;
c) be registered in France; and
d) not have more than 25% of its capital held by an ineligible entity.

2. Eligible services

These actions concern various services covering the different industrial property rights (copyright, trademarks, designs, models, patents), such as :

• The elaboration of your contracts including an IP clause: securing collaborative R&D;

• Searching for patent and/or trademark information: prior art search and patentability analysis before deciding to file a patent application, monitoring and mapping of existing patent portfolios, in particular to evaluate the freedom to exploit your invention;

• The protection of your digital creations, by clearly identifying patentable subject matter, particularly in emerging technological fields such as artificial intelligence, machine and/or deep learning, blockchain, etc., taking into account current case law;

• The elaboration of your international protection strategy to ensure an efficient protection of your innovative products or services according to your real needs: extension of existing applications under priority right; protection of trademarks for export;

• Estimating the value of the IP assets in your portfolio by mastering the tax rules in force, for example to position your assets on the market for fundraising or acquisition/merger purposes;

• Valuing and enforcing your titles by acting and reacting appropriately to litigation risks: infringement analysis, international pre-litigation analysis, etc.

If you have already carried out some of these eligible services, give preference to those of which you are not aware. Indeed, the purpose of the IP PASS is to offer you the possibility to test services that you have not yet implemented in your company.
It is important to note that the drafting and filing of a patent application in France or abroad are not eligible for the IP PASS but that the search for patent information allowing the preparation of such an application remains eligible (e.g. patentability, freedom to operate).

3. Amounts financed

The INPI will finance up to 50% of the IP services that you will have previously identified within the framework of an IP pre-diagnosis with the help of an INPI advisor or a visit to your company at the end of which you will be recommended new actions to implement.
This financing will be granted within the limit of 3000 € per service and 5000 € in total for a maximum of 3 services carried out during the life of your company.

Fig. 2: Example of an expenditure program financed at 50% by the INPI (in orange)

According to the example in figure 2 above, you can combine a prior art search for a total amount of €5000 (IP Pass #1) with a view to filing one or more patent applications, a study of the freedom to exploit your invention billed at €4000 (IP Pass #2) and the drafting of a contract billed at €1000 (IP Pass #3). In total, all these three services, having been the subject of three separate “IP passes”, will have cost you 5000 € instead of 10,000 €, which you can spread out over time according to your needs.



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Invest in your intellectual property by taking advantage of INPI’s financial aid
Invest in your intellectual property by taking advantage of INPI’s financial aid
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