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Services provided by GEVERS & ORES as part of the “IP Strategy Diagnostic” scheme

These services are part of an overall audit based on an existing IP portfolio, the services of which will be adjusted according to the company’s needs. Maximum expenditure of €10,000 subsidised at 50%.

1. Protection & Acquisition
Review of the various rights to protect the company’s intellectual property and identification of the most relevant protection methods in view of the company’s objectives and means
Asset mapping :
Identification of existing IP rights within the company and consistency of the IP portfolio
  • creation of a patent map based on QUESTEL’s ORBIT database (definition of the corpus of patent families to be analysed and creation of graphs)
  • recommendations for optimal protection/enhancement
Analysis of the IP strategy :
  • analysis of ongoing innovation projects
  • review of contracts involving IP issues and recommendations for optimal IP security
  • resources and budget allocated to IP
State of play of the IP ecosystem :
  • overview of the company’s areas of activity,
  • market research and technology watch: analysis of the competition and their IP strategy on key technologies
  • development of maps,
  • recommendations for freedom to operate studies to be implemented by product/service
  • proposal of defensive or counter-offensive parries
2. Valuation & exploitation of IP
Analysis of the valuation of intangible assets
  • review and (non-financial) valuation of intangible assets,
  • IP management in the business plan and balance sheet,
  • review of the company’s contractual strategy for value creation: recommendations for the acquisition/assignment of IP rights or licensing,
  • valuation of IP securities in fundraising
  • tax optimisation: management of the research tax credit (CIR),
Analysis of the know-how management and transfer strategy
Of technology :
  • recording of non-protectable methods and processes,
  • identification of transfer opportunities and potential buyers
3. Licensing strategy & rights enforcement
Analysis of the anti-counterfeiting protection strategy,
Optimisation of the licensing and protection strategy :
  • disputes, seizures, bans,
  • exclusive and/or cross-licensing,
  • valorisation in partnerships


Source: https://www.bpifrance.com/

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