What is GeversUp?

The best ideas will lead to even stronger business organizations if they are duly protected from the start.

GeversUP stands by your side from the beginning for:

– Innovators

– Start-ups

– Fast moving SME’s


How we can help you and add value?

Launch stage

IP Awareness
IP Policy and governance
IP contracts
IP environment and IP challenges of the business

Proof of concept

Identification of innovations
Prior art searches
IP Protection
IP Barriers from Third parties

Industrialization stage

IP contracts
IP Protection:

  • follow-up of proof of concept protection
  • alignment with the products to be delivered to the market
  • new protection if necessary

Fund raising stage

IP Due Diligence
IP SWOT analysis
IP Album
IP valuation
IP market positioning analysis

Partnering stage

IP contracts
Partner identification
Term Sheets – negotiation

Where we make the difference


Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Trade secrets

Contracting, Partnering Strategy

Financing, Taxes and Investors’ due diligence

Dedicated person of contact for subsidies


Up to 10 offices in BE & FR

Meeting planned with the appropriate contact(s) within 48 hours

Dynamic and creative approach

Long experience with start-ups



Clear quotations

Experienced attorneys with deep knowledge

Understanding your needs and your challenges

Setting priorities & action plans in line with your development milestones

“The GEVERS team has demonstrated in-depth analysis, advanced scientific understanding and great responsiveness in order to obtain patent protection for the algorithmic processes used in our fall detection and prevention system for the elderly at the Belgian, European and international levels. I can only recommend this very professional and rigorous team.”

Eric Krzeslo
CEO | mintt Medical Intelligent Technologies

“GEVERS was with us even before the creation of our company WaToo. We were able to take advantage of their expertise to protect our innovations through patents related to the digital watermarking of databases, filed with ITM Atlantic. They guided us through the various stages that led to the extension of the patents in Europe and the USA. They have always been reactive, with a real strength of proposal that has enabled us to successfully respond to the examiners’ requests, which has saved us a lot of time and anxiety. The choice to rely on patents is justified by the fact that they offer us a greater competitive advantage in a sector where we are truly pioneers, while increasing the credibility and value of our company.”

Javier Franco-Contreras
Director and Inventor of WaToo

“For more than two years, Neuroclues has been collaborating with GEVERS to help us navigate through various IP processes, for protecting not only our software developments but also our medical devices. Through good listening and efficient communication, the GEVERS teams quickly gained a good understanding of the complexity of our products. As such, GEVERS was also able to advise us strategically on our patent and design applications before various relevant offices. We are pleased with this cooperation and look forward to continuing it.”

Antoine Pouppez
CEO | Neuroclues

“As the founder of a medtech startup, I highly recommend GEVERS & Orès as an intellectual property consultant. With their expert guidance, I was able to obtain a patent for my product successfully. But their value went beyond just the patent process – their counsel helped me better understand my product and its unique value proposition. GEVERS & Orès understands startups’ challenges, especially in their early stages. Choosing the right IP consultant is critical, as it is a long-term relationship that can have a major impact on your company’s success. I am grateful for their partnership and highly recommend their services.”

Florent Costantini
CEO | Glasspop

“Since 2021 GEVERS & Orès has been supporting the Neuillylab startups on their Intellectual Property issues. This support takes the form of extremely educational workshops and consultations that allow our start-ups to address the subject of IP individually. In addition to their competence, the GEVERS & Orès teams demonstrate a professionalism, commitment and creativity that are of great value to Neuillylab and its startups. The sympathy and benevolence of our interlocutors also contribute to the success of our partnership and to the pleasure we have in working with GEVERS & Orès.”

Jérémy Talbot
Responsible of Neuillylab

“Thanks GEVERS for the wonderful teamwork in navigating the patenting process in the EU and USA, and helping us achieve our first USA patent award for CicaLux plus two other patents in the USA and Europe! We have enjoyed working with you over the last 5 years and look forward to more patents in process!”

Michel Alvarez
CEO & Inventor of CicaLux

François GEVERS
European and Belgian Patent Attorney
Managing Partner - Intellectual Property Attorney

We look forward to working with you

If your start-up is established, you should be able to benefit from financial assistance from, for example, BPI France, INPI or EUIPO (SME Fund) in order to develop or strengthen your intellectual property (trademarks, designs, patents). For more information, you can consult the page dedicated to this subject or contact us directly to discuss your project

Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court
Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court

Everything you need to know about the Unitary Patent


Your BREXIT guide

Gevers SME
Gevers SME

Government subsidies


Supporting Start-ups/SMEs from the start


Computer-Implemented Inventions


Contracting Team

Tax incentives
Tax incentives

Optimisation of income and royalties

Trade Secret
Trade Secret

What is a trade secret?

China Desk
China Desk

GEVERS China Desk is the bridge between China and Europe

International desk
International desk

GEVERS is your reliable, trustworthy and efficient partner in Europe

Anti counterfeiting
Anti counterfeiting

How to protect and manage my intellectual property rights?