With an academic background in polymer chemistry and organic synthesis (PhD at the TU Munich), Marin has gained through more than 15 years of academic and industrial experience a strong expertise as R&D material chemist in various sectors such as 3D-printing, coatings, graphic art and packaging technologies. He has a strong expertise in structure-property relationship and the translation of challenging material properties into new chemical structures and formulations. He advises on the patent landscape of competitors, license contracts, freedom to operate, validity of third parties’ patents, infringement situations, patentability of inventions, prosecution, opposition, and nullity actions. He handles cases in English, French, Dutch and German.


  • Patents


  • Patent Engineer


  • 2008-2010, Postdoctoral research, TU Munich, (Bio)-functionalization of new semiconductor materials for
    bio-implant and biosensing application
  • 2004-2007, PhD in Polymer Chemistry, TU Munich, Micro- and nanostructured polymer grafts
  • 2002-2004, Master in Chemistry, Ghent University
  • 2000-2002, Bachelor in Chemistry, Free University of Brussels


  • Patents: Co-inventor on +25 patent families
  • Publications: Co-author on 15 peer-reviewed articles, H-index = 14
    Relevant publications:
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