Frédéric handles cases in the fields of physics, telecommunications and ICT, including hardware and software aspects; networks and multimedia, signal processing, optical and wireless transmissions, photonics and optoelectronics, radiofrequency and antennas, nanotechnologies. As a former researcher at IMT Atlantique (FR) and University College London (UK), he gained expertise in field of radio and optical communications with an excellent understanding of carrying out research activities in an international context. Besides drafting patent applications and handling examination procedures, he carries out patentability and freedom to operate studies. He also provides advice on IP portfolios monitoring and management, legal consulting, negotiation, contracts and litigation. Frédéric handles cases in French, English and German.


  • Computer implemented inventions
  • Patents


  • Patent Engineer


  • Graduate Engineer of IMT Atlantique (Telecom Bretagne – Brest (France), 2003 ;
  • Master of Science in Technologies for Broadband Communications, University College London – London (United Kingdom), 2003 ;
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of Franche-Comté – Besançon (France), 2001 ;


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