Anastasiya has comprehensive experience in life sciences, biotechnology and medical devices. Before joining GEVERS as a patent attorney trainee in 2023, she studied medicine (2010 – 2017), did one year of residency in otorhinolaryngology (2017 – 2018) and obtained a Ph.D. degree in biomedical sciences at the KU Leuven, Belgium (2017 – 2022), which was funded by the FWO grant. During her Masters, she contributed to multidisciplinary research projects in traumatology, neurosurgery, otorhinolaryngology and endocrinology, and studied for one year at the WWU Münster, Germany. Her doctoral thesis at the research group Experimental Oto-, Rhino-, Laryngology (ExpORL) focused on treatment and diagnosis of the hearing loss, in particular the use of cochlear implants, optical coherence tomography imaging, microCT imaging and 3D printed models. Anastasiya advises and represents you for the patent landscape of competitors, freedom to operate, patentability of inventions, prosecution, and opposition actions. She handles cases in English and Dutch.


  • Patents


  • Patent Engineer
  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences
  • Medical Doctor


  • PhD in Biomedical Sciences, KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium), 2022
  • Master in Medicine, KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium), 2017
  • Bachelor in Medicine, KU Leuven (Leuven, Belgium), 2013


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