Portfolio management & right transfer

Is an intellectual property right living? Yes, although change of address or proprietor name, or the cession or licence to a third party are some of the events that can affect the brand’s existence. The authorities must be notified of any changes in order for the right to be fully exercisable. GEVERS eliminates these often-annoying administrative steps.

Accuracy and rigour

A brand or a patent evolves, and so does its owner/holder. Some elements have to be mentioned in the trademark register. For example, in the event of a change of address or a change in the name of the owner, GEVERS undertakes to see to the mandatory formalities. If the trademark or patent undergoes a transfer or is the subject of a third-party licence, GEVERS assists you in the drafting of the contract and ensures that the relevant information is transmitted to the authorities, so that the contract takes effect vis-à-vis third parties. It is also possible that your marketing may evolve, that the logo that you use no longer corresponds exactly to that which is registered as a trademark, that your activities exceed those covered by the trademark, or that new innovations are born, etc. In this case, it is necessary to adapt your portfolio.

These are all administrative operations, but they must be carried out at the right time all the same, and with rigour and precision. They are also a good occasion to ask more fundamental questions regarding the justification of your brand or patent, and the use that your company makes of it. This is also one of the qualities of committed intellectual property consulting: that of challenging the client, often in its own interest. Nothing is ever final, everything should always be called into question.