Portfolio administrative & strategic audit

Any set of brands and patents needs to be examined regularly from not only the administrative point of view, but above all, strategically: are brands and patents still adapted to the company’s legal structure and to its products and countries strategies? GEVERS has made itself a specialist in these strategic audits, which can be conducted either at the time of a particular operation (i.e., acquisition, investment) or on a regular basis.

Is a group of brands and patents enough in itself? No, of course not. At regular intervals, there is a need to examine it, from an administrative and above all a strategic point of view: is it still adapted to the legal structure and product and country strategy of the company? GEVERS specialises in strategic audits, which may be required for a particular transaction (acquisition, investment) or on a regular basis.

Due diligence

By definition, in a constantly changing environment, your strategy and priorities need to be constantly reassessed. The same obviously goes for your brands and patents, which must above all serve these priorities.

Such an audit may contain an administrative element: here it is a question of ensuring that inventories are accurate, that all administrative obligations are fulfilled and more broadly that a legal or administrative threat capable of menacing existence itself or the financial year is not hanging over your assets.

Beyond this, a portfolio audit must also include a strategic side: are your brands and patents adapted to the current and future strategy of your company? Are the right brands and innovations protected? In the right territories? According to the best procedures?

Such a process implies close dialogue between the consultant and his or her client, so as to ensure that there is a perfect knowledge of the client's strategy. For the intellectual property expert this also implies a great awareness of the economic and operational factors. This also calls for excellent risk management practice, as everything is always a matter of balancing actual and supposed risks and protection costs. With, when all is said and done, the need to guarantee the best possible ROI for the company.