Anti counterfeiting

An intellectual property right is not sufficient in itself, and needs not only to be used but also defended. Counterfeiting is not just confined to overseas rights pirates. Even if a counterfeiter is acting in ignorance or in good faith, the property right must be upheld and respected. If not, it will lose all real value. Several options are open, from mediation to judicial action. GEVERS recommends the most effective course of action and offers support in a pragmatic fashion during its implementation.

The fight against counterfeiting

An intellectual property right means nothing unless it is respected, particularly as the counterfeiting phenomenon is on the increase. Fortunately, a range of tools to combat counterfeiting is currently available – some at a very low price. A rights holder faced with counterfeiting has to choose the most suitable method to combat it, according to the type of piracy and the financial means available. Is blocking counterfeiting activities and destruction of illegally-copied products sufficient? Is a claim for damages and interest justified? How can we go back through the supply chain? Should the matter be reported to the police? Gevers will guide you in these choices, will negotiate at your request and will act as your representative with the police, the relevant Ministries and customs authorities throughout Europe.

Take action against counterfeiting and piracy

You successfully registered your trade mark, design or patent at national, Benelux, European or global level in order to protect it in the competitive battle between companies. This is a victory in itself; however, nowadays you will perhaps also have to face the increasing problem of counterfeiting and piracy, especially in these times of crisis.

The GEVERS Anti-counterfeiting Team gladly stands by your side in the battle against this plague and can help you set up a program according to your wishes and demands.

You have every interest in taking action against counterfeiting and piracy. Products that infringe your registered trade mark, design or patent often display shortcomings and can even endanger the health of the consumer. This can lead to the decrease or the total disappearance of the consumer’s trust in your product resulting in a serious damage of your reputation.

After al your efforts and investments in your product is this last thing you are hoping for.

We therefore advise you to take contact with the GEVERS Anti-counterfeiting Team who will be pleased to respond to your questions and who will guide you through this complex matter.


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