One-off strategic advises related to Intellectual Property ('Support to consultancy: external advices')

This financial support, managed by the SPRB/GODB (« Service public régional de Bruxelles » / « Gewestelijke Overheidsdienst Brussel »), provides SMEs with the opportunity to cover 50% of their external one-off consultancy services delivered in order to tackle sporadic management problems of the company or improve the company operations and competitiveness.

The rates of financial intervention of this subsidy are established as follows:

Rate of intervention 50 % of the external consultancy services
Minimum amount of financing 500€
Maximum amount of financing* 15.000€*
Yearly max of financing per SME 2 grants

*Per calendar year, the total cost of these services may not exceed the amount of company equity increased by the debts payable after one year.

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Gevers contact person : 
Samuel Denis
European Patent Attorney
T. +32 (0)4 340 50 36 
Brussels Region contact:
Service 1819
T. 1819