TRADEMARKS: By specifying goods and services in your trademark application, you can save money.


We often receive the question to file an application for worldwide trademark protection for all possible goods and services. 

Do know that trademark protection is always limited to a specific territory and to a list of specific goods and services which are offered under the trademark in question. “The smaller, the better” is almost always applicable when it comes to obtaining trademark protection. Particularly for start-ups, smaller businesses or those who wish to spread costs by territorially extending protection in phases.

Insofar as you seek trademark protection in Belgium, the Netherlands and/or even Luxembourg, you can file a Benelux Trademark Application. 

By relying on our experience, we can draft a suitable list of goods and/or services on your behalf, and as a result ensure that the costs are limited to the bare minimum. If all goes well, your trademark can be protected for a period of 10 years, this for even less than € 5, exc. VAT a month!

Hanne Geldhof - Intellectual Property Paralegal


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