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How to protect and manage your trade secret?

Since June 2018, the owner of a trade secret needs to record it to render it opposable to third parties in case of misappropriation of this secret (by a former employee or other).

Gevers offers an innovative tool, especially conceived for keeping track and managing Trade Secrets and totally dedicated to keeping it commercial value because it is kept secret!

Measures also need be taken to avoid any publication of a trade secret detected within the organization.

If a trade secret is made public, it is no longer enforceable unless the owner has timely filed a patent (enforceable for 20 years).

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Our Trade secret management tool keeps track on your trade secrets and gives an overview of all relevant protection methods, actions and documents. The tool is designed to support a trade secret misappropriation dispute, as claimant and as defendant. In addition, the tool helps performing later audits more efficiently.

We have also set-up dedicated forms to enable our clients to identify potential trade secrets with their employees, and we can then assist clients in the description and recordal of the trade secret.

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We have created entirely new processes and tools dedicated to trade secret management, to enable you leverage the value of trade secrets to its fullest. Our trade secret management register constitutes a unique and extremely useful tool, while our approach to trade secret Portfolio creation  and management reflects our creativity.


We take interest in our clients business and competitive environment and stand with them to continuously optimize their protection by all available IP tools, and related means such as trade secrets. By elevating trade secrets at the same level of IP assets,  in terms of  identification, management and enforcement processes, we help our clients maximize their protection in support of their business needs.

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