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The EU Directive established powerful enforcement means regarding Trade Secrets misappropriation: Remedies now extend to e.g prohibition of the production, sale, importation or use of infringing goods, defined as goods which significantly benefit from the misappropriated Trade Secret. Damages appropriate to the actual prejudice suffered as a result of the misappropriation are also obtainable.

Gevers aims to help you manage the risk of all kinds of intellectual property (IP) disputes. When such disputes occur, we help to resolve them. We represent IP rights owners whose rights have been infringed as well as entrepreneurs who are accused of infringing IP rights, such as patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights and plant variety rights.

Team members of GEVERS Dispute Resolution practice can help you define an IP litigation strategy at a national or international level while focusing on risk analysis and practical solutions. We believe in resolving disputes quickly, amicably and in a cost-efficient manner.

How we can help you and add value?  

Preliminary analysis
Collection of evidence of infringement
Letter of formal notice

Our approach starts with an analysis of the relevant circumstances, the rights involved and the claims to be made afterwhich we look at how best to resolve the dispute.

GEVERS help you make the infringer aware of your claim with a letter of formal notice and also advise you on the amicable or procedural approach to follow.

We are your partner in the negotiations with the other party, trying to reach an amicable settlement while always defending your best interests.

We rely on the experts of our in-house contracting department to draft solid agreements.

Several of our attorneys have also been appointed as judicial experts in descriptive seizure procedures.

Litigation strategy and support
Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements
Domain name dispute resolution or “UDPR proceedings”

Where we make the difference

Knowledge and Expertise

In dealing with disputes, GEVERS relies on its expertise in IP litigation and its specialist knowledge of alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation to ensure the best outcome for its clients. The Dispute Resolution Practice handle UDPR procedures (out of court procedures) relating to domain name disputes

Partnerships with external lawyers

In case of court proceedings, the Gevers Dispute Resolution practice recommends the right attorneys at law who will safeguard your interests and actively cooperates with them throughout the trial.

Fight against counterfeiting and piracy (COFA)

The Gevers team protects your intellectual property rights against counterfeiting and piracy, enhancing the protection that is provided by our Dispute Resolution practice.

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