How to identify your enforceable trade secret?

Trade secrets

How to identify your enforceable trade secret?

Technical knowhow or any business information can only be protected as a trade secret when the rights measures have be taken to avoid misappropriation of it.
Auditing the organization is the best way to identify possible trade secrets and see if protection given so far is sufficient to stand and make it enforceable.

Gevers has established a methodology to review existing protection measures in your organization.

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Auditing means reviewing existing trade secret protection procedures up to contracts with personnel. Trade Secrets received from 3rd parties are also at stake.

Once trade secret are identified trade secrets, Gevers also checks the enforceability and advises on measures to be taken, such as drafting new agreements.

Where we make the difference


Based on our legal expertise on the European Directive and cooperation with  dedicated experts, Gevers trains and prepares your organization and diligently conduct audits.


Gevers has created a complete and transparent process for auditing. These detailed  procedures maximize our efficiency and facilitate audits to the best possible extent. 

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