What is a copyright?


What is a copyright?

Copyright is an intellectual property right that grants the creator of an original work legal protection. ‘Originality’ requires the work to be ‘its author’s own intellectual creation’. 
Copyright is automatically created when a person creates a copyrightable work.  

Copyright protection solely extends to the tangible medium of expression of an idea, not to the actual ideas, procedures and concepts.
Works protected by copyrights include:

- artistic works (paintings, drawings, photographs, dancing or acting performances)
- literary works (books, newspaper articles, translations and other writings)
- music, film (compositions, screenplays, lyrics, records)
- computer programmes
- technical drawings
- databases

Copyrights grant two types of rights. Economic rights allow copyright owners to derive financial rewards from the use of their work, such as the reproduction right. These rights can be transferred.
Moral rights protect the author’s non-economic rights, such as the author’s reputation. These rights always remain the property of the original authors.

How we can help you and add value?


Determine the copyright status of your work(s)
Advise on measures to prove copyright protection
Identify rights of other parties and related risks
Assist you with the registration of copyrights (i-depot – enveloppe soleau)

Our approach starts with a good understanding of your activities and the possible impact of copyright on them, both in terms of opportunities and risks. 

We identify the relevant copyrights within your organisation and advise you on how best to secure these rights. This includes assisting you with the registration of materials and drafting contracts for your workforce and external partners (see also our contracting section).

We also identify potential third-party copyright risks for your organisation and develop a risk containment strategy.

We draft guidelines to internally streamline copyright identification, copyright protection and the copyright monetisation process within your organisation.

Where we make the difference


We have assisted clients in the arts and all kinds of other sectors. This allows us to understand the impact of copyrights on these different sectors. We work for copyright centric businesses such as record companies, publishers, ad agencies, authors and fashion designers but also advise clients on the impact of copyrights in technology.


We always look for efficient and practical solutions for your opportunities and risks, taking into account your business priorities and budget requirements.


We aim to always provide clear advice, regardless of the complexity of the case.

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