How to clear copyright permissions?


How to clear copyright permissions?

You may wish to use the works and creations of others. However, these works may be protected by copyrights, in which case you must at least obtain the consent of the owner of the rights. Identifying the owner of a copyright (‘clearance’) can be a challenging undertaking, as there is no central register that keeps track of copyrights and copyright owners, nor is there a register of copyright licenses. Copyrights are granted automatically but you are not required to register your work

How we can help you and add value?

Identify the relevant copyrights
Advise you on the clearing strategy to adopt and the risk assessment you should perform
Copyright clearance

Our approach starts with a good understanding of the project you are working on and of your objectives. We then identify relevant works that might be protected by copyrights, assess the risks for your organisation and draft an action plan to address these risks.

We assist you during negotiations with copyright owners in order to clear the copyrights within your budget requirements.   

Where we make the difference


We have assisted clients in the arts and all kinds of other sectors. This allows us to understand the impact of copyrights on these different sectors. We work for copyright centric businesses such as record companies, publishers, ad agencies, authors and fashion designers but also advise clients on the impact of copyrights in technology.


We always look for efficient and practical solutions for your opportunities and risks, taking into account your business priorities and budget requirements. 


We aim to always provide clear advice, regardless of the complexity of the case.

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