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Watching the domain name registrations is possible on all Top Level Domains and is performed per name.

Trademark Clearing House subscription are meant for registering in New Top level domains but also provide a warning service when third parties intend to register an identical domain name.

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GEVERS provides an optimal watch service for identical domain names all around the world.

GEVERS uses the latest generation of watch software to offer an optimal watch in all available registers.

GEVERS elaborates the risks, and informs you regarding the choice of strategy to adopt.

TMCH subscriptions for alerts
If a trademark owner wants to register his domain name for one of the new generic Top Level Domains during their Sunrise period, before opening to the general public, it must first register its trademark with the TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse). The TMCH offers a notification service after the opening of each new gTLD to the general public. A trademark owner, subscribed to the TMCH, will be notified every time a third party registers an identical domain name.

Where we make the difference


We use simple risk level categories to allow an easy understanding of possible risks.


We aim at providing you with any relevant information on third party filings within the shortest term possible in order to allow you to organize your action strategy.


GEVERS monitors domain name applications of third parties. This will enable you to quickly identify the intentions of other parties or competitors and to react quickly where required so to avoid deterioration or expiry of rights.

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