How to optimise the financial value of my domain name?

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Valorising intellectual property via partnerships

By selling a domain name or giving a license to use the domain name registration in return for royalties owners can extract financial value from their intellectual property rights through partnerships with 3rd parties. 
By focusing on the core business it might happen that registered rights are not or only partly exploited, that is where they need to find the right partners to sell or license the rights.

Next to this specific tax regimes are applicable to royalties a domain name owner can receive for the license or transfer of his rights . These regimes differ from country to country.

How we can help you and add value?

GEVERS is proud to offer professional valorization services, combining in-house expertise with partnerships with renowned experts in the fields.

Valorizing and finding potential partners
After analyzing the legal strength of your rights and its commercial potential we identify partners for a deal by cross-linking different complementary sources of information..
From active prospection to negotiation
We organise prospection missions, create marketing material, establish contacts and select suitable parties. With its multidisciplinary team of business developers, lawyers and attorneys, Gevers also assists in negotiating and in drafting agreements.

Advising on licensing and transfer taxation

A tax specialist then calculates a percentage of revenues that can be allocated to the relevant activities. Gevers draft a license or transfer agreement as well as a corporate and other documents that may be required for tax audit reasons.


Where we make the difference


Gevers has a sound expertise in the valorization of intellectual property assets via partnerships with renowned experts in the field. Gevers guides the complete valorization missions up to the establishment of contracts with selected partners.


As one of the leading intellectual property firms in Europe, Gevers has been providing these services for over many years, to various types of clients (from start-ups and SMEs to large group operations) and in different contexts (licensing, assignment, interco transactions, IP tax regimes…).

Strategic Partnerships

We understand that our client’s financial managers and accountants have a good understanding of the client’s corporate and financial situation. In case of tax-related matters, Gevers recommend the right tax specialists and actively cooperates with them in order to optimise your intellectual property assets.

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