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Domain name protection

A domain name can only be obtained via registration or a transfer of an existing registration.

A domain name can consist of a series of letters from a to z and/or of numbers from 0 to 9, as well as hyphens. The minimum allowable number of characters is two and the maximum is 63. Recently, special characters (for example: á, à, é, è, ø, å, &, ñ, ç) have been introduced through the IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) for some TLDs. The domain name can be used for the name of your website dedicated to promote your products and services (e.g., and/or to create e-mail addresses (e.g.,

A domain name is eternal, provided it is renewed. The registration date determines the renewal date every year (or 2 in some registers). Obviously these expiry dates must not be missed, or the right disappears. This is also a good time to ask if the domain name is still necessary. Are there alternative protections? GEVERS asks these questions.

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GEVERS handles all administrative steps and procedures for registration and protection of your domain name. Additionally it handles enforcement actions in domain names.

Renewal fees must be paid in due time for your domain name to remain active. GEVERS reminds you timely of upcoming renewal deadlines and handles all renewal steps. GEVERS offers long term registrations where domain names officially have to be renewed every 1 or 2 years.

TMCH subscriptions for registrations during Sunrise Period
If a trademark owner wants to register his domain name for one of the new generic Top Level Domains during their Sunrise period, before opening to the general public, it must first register its trademark with the TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse). The TMCH offers a notification service after the opening of each new gTLD to the general public. A trademark owner, subscribed to the TMCH, will be notified every time a third party registers an identical domain name.

We ensure that all administrative aspects are managed in an efficient and transparent way.
Our new, cutting-edge, interactive Global Client Portal allows clients to consult their portfolio in real time, and to execute portfolio management decisions in direct connection with GEVERS teams.
We can perform audit services and examine your IP portfolio from an administrative and strategic perspective to ensure adequacy between your IP rights and your business structure and objectives. Such a process implies close dialogue between GEVERS and its clients to ensure accurate knowledge of the client's strategy and awareness of economic and operational factors.

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GEVERS goes beyond performing domain name protection-related services. We are a strategic partner in defining and implementing your Brand creation strategy and in managing your portfolio, taking into account our clients’ business strategy.


GEVERS integrates Domain name protection in a global strategy maximize protection. Whenever appropriate, we suggest alternative or additional protection through other intellectual property rights up to Trade secret management.


Through the comprehensive in-house expertise of the GEVERS group, we are able to cover all your needs related to domain name rights acquisition, including monitoring and enforcement. GEVERS has its own practices in Dispute Resolution, Contracting and Anti-Counterfeit and collaborates with a network of specialized local agents worldwide.


GEVERS has been a leading firm for protecting Intellectual property rights for more the 120 years. It is recognized in many renown databases on IP-specialist worldwide. Its experts play for consecutive decades a leading role in professional organizations like INTA, EXTA, BMM, Marques, AIPPI, LES,…

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Gevers rely on the domain name practice with the knowledge of at least 6 languages that manages all administrative steps and procedures for registration and protection of your domain name(s) in-house worldwide.


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