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Counterfeiting and piracy are a global threat to companies’ competitive position in the global economy. Lodging an application for action at Customs is a first step to safeguard your intellectual property rights, but there are other services that help prevent counterfeit.

An intellectual property right is a strong right in itself. However, once obtained, an enforcement strategy is required with respect to counterfeit goods. At Gevers we offer a full range of proactive and transparent services, geared towards delivering fast and tangible results for intellectual property (IP) owners across the world.

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Investigate in the field and Internet monitoring

Regular reports
Customized action strategy in function of budget

GEVERS provides a range of tools to combat counterfeiting, depending on the type of piracy, the channels, the geographical spread and the budget. This includes customs seizures, damage claims, investigations into the supply chain, police actions etc. We have built up a strong network of police and customs officers, as well as government agencies to effectively combat counterfeiting.

We will look into the possibilities and define a customized anti-counterfeiting program, which will be regularly reviewed in function of the results.

In addition to “offline” customs and other actions, GEVERS also offer internet monitoring services.

Activate customs and police seizures

Where we make the difference


The Gevers team protects your intellectual property rights against counterfeiting and piracy, enhancing the protection that is provided by our Dispute Resolution practice


We keep an open line of communication at all times and send regular reports that allow you to evaluate the results of our actions. Our actions have strong and quantifiable results.


We have developed strong relationships with local customs and police officers throughout the EU and have built a strong expertise in all the different policies and local cultures of different customs offices. The Gevers Anticounterfeiting practice team has longstanding relationships with various Brussels-based institutions, national enforcement bodies as well as a large network of private investigators and specialised lawyers.

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