What is a design?


What is a design?

A design right is an Intellectual Property right that protects the overall impression of a product or parts of a product , on the condition that these elements are new and have individual character.

Designs can be applied to a wide variety of products, including packaging, fashion items, industrial tools and even logos. Design protection may consist of 3D features ‘design/shape’ or 2D ‘drawing/pattern’ features. Implementation-specific elements fall out of the scope of design protection. Also technology-specific details are excluded from design protection.

A design right grants the owner the right to prevent third parties from making, selling or importing any products incorporating the protected design or a design conveying the same overall impression.

A design made public in Europe can claim some protection, but only for a short period. Only after its registration a design is fully protected for a maximum term of 25 (provided it is renewed every 5 years).

How we can help you and add value?

Advise on novelty and individual character

Strategic application preparation

Defend your registrations before IP Offices

Analyze the design in its commercial context

Our approach starts with a good understanding of your design project and your commercial needs.

We review your design creation in its business project context and carefully assist with the drafting of representations of your designs to achieve a maximum scope of protection from your Design registration.

. We discuss the possibilities of with your in house or external marketing team and guide you through all phases of the design life cycle.

Where we make the difference


We have assisted clients in all kinds of innovative, artistic and commercial areas. We have been involved in many large scale projects and the launch of numerous new products and services. Gevers has a well recognized expertise in Trade Marks and Design practice, while counting on our hands-on experience acquired in design-driven Industries.  Specialized Trademark and Design Attorneys deal with the protection of drawings/designs and the specialized Patent department with “utility models”.


GEVERS combine sound expertise with a strong belief that design protection is valuable and often a key strategic instrument for our client’s business, either on a stand-alone basis or in combination with other forms of protection


Our patent, trademark & design attorneys join forces to ensure that potential benefits of a design protection are timely flagged and duly implemented throughout your product innovation cycle.

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