How to detect your patentable invention?
Is my invention still available?


How to detect your patentable invention?
Is my invention still available?

Invention Mining can help you identifying and capturing worthwhile inventions within your business.

In order to know whether an invention is new, a search must be performed in the prior art. If an innovation needs to be implemented, it is foremost recommended to perform a freedom-to-operate search.

Existing patent rights of third have an impact on your freedom to operate. Therefore it is recommended to perform a landscaping exercise to know what patents already exist and to what extend they might be able to forbid a certain process within your organization.Whenever  inventions are identified, make sure they are not made public and only discuss with other parties under confidentiality. Invest time in writing and drawing the innovation well with the help of a patent attorney before filing a patent application.

Patentability opinions should ideally be preceded by a review of the invention in its technical and commercial development contexts, with a view to optimize the exclusivity potential.

How we can help you and add value?

Invention mining / prior art seach

declaration of invention

decision tree

GEVERS has a unique expertise in performing ‘Invention mining’ sessions to identify inventions in our clients’ technical developments.

For identified inventions, GEVERS takes a proactive approach with its clients to reach a maximum exclusivity potential. GEVERS can rely on professional in-house information specialists to provide prior art searches. GEVERS has also developed Declaration-of-Invention approaches specifically aimed at positioning inventions in a business and commercially relevant context. GEVERS also has expertise in Decision Tree services to help our clients making decisions at various phases of a patent generation process, starting with the upfront choice between keeping the invention secret or filing a patent application, or merely applying for a publication.

Gevers has experienced patent attorneys  to identify and analyze 3rd party patent rights which potentially impact their clients’ projects.

A freedom-to-operate exercise may include an expert Landscaping performed by our specialized information specialists with continuous  involvement of our patent attorneys.



Where we make the difference


Our diverse and innovative expertise allows us to respond to any type of client needs, from detection of inventions to strategic partnership in invention definition and best exclusivity potential determination. Trained information specialists perform Freedom-to-Operate searches. Qualified patent attorneys identify any potentially relevant 3rd party patent in the prior art.


We aim at anticipating clients’ needs rather than simply providing services upon request.
Gevers patent attorneys do not stop at executing filing instructions, they partner with their clients to leverage the full potential of their inventions. 


We always aim at finding solutions and, when confronted with patentability issues, we advise clients on strategies that provide valuable exclusivity potential aligned with clients’ business needs. 

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