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Patent protection

A patent needs to registered for claiming protection for the remaining 20 years after the filing date, provided it has been renewed every 1 year after its validation.

As long as a technical invention is kept secret and not detectable by reverse-engineering, it can be considered as a trade secret. However a trade secret has its own ways of protection. See in our overview.

How we can help you and add value?

proactive and strategy-driven drafting

filing strategy customized to your business needs

ip audit before renewals to align to business strategy

High quality drafting of your patent application is a crucial step which GEVERS patent attorneys take at heart. GEVERS patent attorneys do not only respond to your short-term needs, but work with you to leverage the full potential of your innovative developments and optimize IP protection also on the long-term. The same proactive approach is followed for dedicated filing strategy advice and for all stages of prosecution anywhere in the world.
We also ensure that all administrative aspects of your IP assets are managed in an efficient and transparent way.  

Our new, cutting-edge, interactive Client Portal allows our clients to consult their portfolio status at any point in time, and to execute portfolio management decisions in direct connection with GEVERS teams. We can perform audit services and examine your IP portfolio from an administrative and strategic perspective to ensure adequacy between your IP rights and your business structure and objectives. Such a process implies close dialogue between GEVERS and its clients to ensure accurate knowledge of the client's strategy and awareness of economic and operational factors.

Where we make the difference


At GEVERS, we go beyond performing patent protection-related services. We aim at being our clients’ strategic partner in defining and implementing client’s innovation protection strategy and in managing client’s portfolio, through a close dialogue with our clients, taking into account our clients’ business strategy


GEVERS integrates patent protection in a global strategy maximize protection. Whenever appropriate, we suggest alternative or additional protection through other intellectual property rights up to Trade secret management.


Through the comprehensive in-house expertise of the GEVERS group, we are able to cover all your needs related to patent rights acquisition, management, monetization and enforcement. Our Patent specialists will closely collaborate with GEVERS colleagues specialized in Dispute Resolution, Contracting, Valuation and Valorization, to provide you a complete and coherent range of services.

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