What is a patent?


What is a patent?

A Patent is an intellectual property right protecting a technical invention, provided it is:
- new and
- inventive.

The owner of a granted patent can prevent any non-authorized party from producing, selling or using in any other commercial way the invention claimed by the patent.

Patents can be directed to :
- products
- processes
- methods or uses.

A patent needs to be registered for claiming protection for the remaining 20 years after the filing date, provided it has been renewed every 1 year after its validation.

How we can help you and add value?

ANALYZE the invention in its technical and commercial context

Advise on patentability

strategic patent application drafting

DEFEND YOUR patent application before patent offices

Our Approach starts with a good understanding of your technology, your project and your commercial needs. We analyze your invention in its technical and commercial context with the aim to define best IP protection opportunities for your whole project customized to your business goals. 

Where we make the difference


We are capable to assist our clients in all technical fields, based on a  broad scientific expertise of our patent attorneys, and thanks to our rich experience and client-base in both academic and industry areas


We have experienced attorneys qualified at the European Patent Office and at several national patent offices. We have a sound expertise in patent practice at national level. We constantly keep ourselves informed of practice evolvements and case law in Europe and throughout the world. Thanks to our trusted network of local attorneys, we can provide advice on patentability and filing strategy anywhere in the world


We review your invention in its R&D and Commercial context  with a view to provide intellectual property protection best suited to you

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