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Once defined what’s potentially protectable via Intellectual property rights it still needs to fit into the business strategy which can be defined via a search to what rights already exists and  what fields were not yet explored.

Proper knowledge of competitive activity through intellectual property surveys is a must for informed strategic decisions. But intellectual property analysis needs to be conceived and communicated with clients needs and actionability in mind. 
intellectual property Landscape Reports are decision-making tools for strategic decisions. They are designed and used, i.e. by R&D team to get an overview of a particular technology, by the CEO to compare competitors intellectual property strategy, by the marketing team to define and confirm a new market or by the financial team to validate an acquisition.
At Gevers, we offer dedicated and actionable intellectual property Landscape Reports, closely focused on clients needs and delivering meaningful strategic impact 

How we can help you and add value?

Any time a need for competitive insight is detected, Gevers Landscaping specialists work closely with the intellectual property attorney in charge and with client to create tailor-made intellectual property Landscape Reports.
Gevers is able to deliver actionable intellectual property Landscape Reports on any type of request from our clients.
intellectual property Landscape Reports can provide very valuable insights as to competitive framework, including:


Main players identification and IP portfolio management trends
Relevant third party patents associated to given projects
Comparative activity data per technology
Global markets identification and historical data per technology
R&D activity maps
Comparative segmentation per technical area and trends analysis

Our Reports contain powerful charts based on data-mining (dates, names, classification ) and text-mining (claims and description). Importantly our Reports also include conclusions and recommendations maximizing intellectual property assets information and aimed at answering clients specific needs.

With our focused intellectual property Landscape Reports, Gevers can deliver strategic guidance to specific products development, and identify ways to guide its further development.
Our more general, technology sector or company-wide Reports, provide comprehensive overviews useful in e,g, intellectual property portfolio assessments, valuations , transactions.

Where we make the difference


Gevers relies on in-house Landscaping specialists, fully equipped with latest tools to search and analyse intellectual property assets information and able to cover any technological domain . Our specialists are able to research non-intellectual property information such as commercial data and include Trademarks and Designs in intellectual property Landscape Reports.

Team work

Furthermore, the Gevers intellectual property attorney in charge is closely involved throughout the exercise, starting with definition of objectives and ending with specific conclusions and recommendations, working in constant collaboration with Gevers Landscape specialists and client.


In line with Gevers strategic partnership approach, we strive to provide clients with the most relevant and actionable intellectual property Landscape Reports, closely adapted to their needs, In addition, relying on Gevers 360° intellectual property Strategy vision, our teams will leverage intellectual property Landscape Reports as part of our broad range of services, and propose combinations with services such as patent watch. 

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