How to protect and manage my intellectual property rights?

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Managing intellectual property portfolio

Most valuable Intellectual property rights can only be created through registration. Others intellectual property rights exist as form the creation or its publication.
Managing intellectual property rights means taking into consideration all different options and conditions to get full protection of all relevant intellectual property rights.

It is a about the right timing:

- from the start not to harm another right: analyse, prepare and file where appropriate
- keep  track on the procedure: schedule and monitor
- follow up deadlines to maintain the rights: renew where possible.

All these  actions belong to the core business of intellectual property agents.
Intellectual property managers are either called Trademark & Design attorneys and/or Patent attorneys. They are ‘mandated’ by rights owners to present them before the official offices for the different intellectual property registrations
The main contact advises on the first filing country choice and international filing  routes and country selection. A complete network of agents is working together to assist in the complete territorial coverage.

An IP-manager takes care of the day-to-day management of intellectual property portfolios and provides strategic advice on intellectual property rights maintenance choices.

How we can help you and add value?

Define the Filing Strategy in function of your business needs

Filing and prosecution execution in line with defined strategy

Client Portal for up to date Portfolio Management

GEVERS handles all administrative steps and procedures to register your intellectual property rights anywhere in the world.
We take care of the day-to-day management of your portfolio.
We also handle renewals for your entire portfolio to eliminate any risks of losing rights.

We ensure that all administrative aspects are managed in an efficient and transparent way.
Our new, cutting-edge, interactive Global Client Portal allows clients to consult their portfolio in real time, and to execute portfolio management decisions in direct connection with GEVERS teams.

Where we make the difference


GEVERS goes beyond performing Intellectual property protection-related services. We are a strategic partner in defining and implementing your intellectual property strategy and in managing your portfolio, taking into account your business strategy.


GEVERS integrates intellectual property protection in a global strategy to maximize protection. Whenever appropriate, we suggest alternative or additional protection through other intellectual property rights up to Trade secret management.


Through the comprehensive in-house expertise of the GEVERS group, we are able to cover all your needs related to intellectual property rights acquisition, including tax, enforcement and valorization. GEVERS has its own practices in Dispute Resolution, Contracting and Anti-Counterfeit and collaborates with a network of specialized local agents worldwide.


GEVERS has been a leading firm for protecting Intellectual property rights for more the 120 years. It is recognized in many renowned databases on IP-specialist worldwide. Its experts play for consecutive decades a leading role in professional organizations.

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