Subsequent procedure


The trademark right is created on the day of filing, provided that the trademark is accepted for registration.

The Office cannot, by its own initiative, refuse your trademark based on the existence of prior rights, but the Office takes the following steps: • It examines the application on its formalities and especially the goods and services description and their classification ; • it examines the distinctive character of the trademark; • it proceeds to the publication of the application, which allows any third party, under certain conditions, to file an opposition based on prior rights.

Please note that the receipt and forwarding of any official objection or opposition of a third party will be charged at a fixed cost of 70 EUR.

The treatment of these objections and/or oppositions will entail additional costs, the amount of which depends on the services to be rendered.

If no objection is formulated and if no opposition is filed, the registration procedure will take approximately four months.