Don’t forget to activate your trademark watch




Among trademarks Take necessary actions to safeguard your trademark rights
  • Identify any identical or similar trademark filed by a third party
  • Via two types of watches (full/light: see below)
By owner Strategic watch: obtain information on new products and markets of your competitors
  • Identify any new trademark filed by one or more of your competitors
  • In the geographical zone of your preference
Among domain names Take necessary actions to safeguard your trademark rights  against web addresses
  • Identify new conflicting domain name registrations
  • Among geographic (.eu, .fr, .be, .ch,…) and/or generic (.com, .net, .shop,…) extensions
Of the Internet
(Internet Monitoring)
Anti-counterfeiting on the Internet
  • Detection of counterfeiting activities :
    • illegal websites
    • counterfeit merchandise
    • social networks with derogating content
    • problematic domain names


Trademark watch

Covers new identical and similar trademarks in the watched classes and identical trademarks in the non-watched classes Covers only new identical trademarks in the watched classes
May also cover the figurative element of your trademark Is limited to the distinctive verbal element of your trademark
The found trademark is examined by your trademark attorney and sent with an assessment of the conflict risk  The found trademark is sent to you without opinion
May be extended to any country Is limited to trademarks with protection in the Benelux or the EU


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Any delay may indeed be detrimental to the proper management of your rights.