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Key enabler to your innovation lifecycle

Publications of patent applications and granted patents are a recognized source of information on technological innovation programs and patenting strategies of players in a given field. Tapping into this resource, data reporting tools such as mapping/landscaping are often used to provide general overviews of competitive activity. Going beyond, patent data analysis can become a personalized, wide-ranging strategic tool, if well-defined objectives are set for the analysis, a dedicated search strategy is implemented and an actionable report is produced, with recommendations closely fitting the objectives. As a consequence, patent data can have an impact throughout your innovation cycle, enabling key choices and decisions at every stage of the cycle, from Ideation to Development to Marketing and Monetisation.

patent procedure

Belgium and the Netherlands: the fast and the furious!

In contrast to the new patent procedure in France, the Belgian and Dutch patent procedures are remarkably simple and similar. 
Although both procedures require a search report, possible objections with respect to novelty and inventive step will not stand in the way of a grant of the patent. This means that applicants fulfilling all formal requirements can be quite certain of the grant of their application for patent protection in Belgium and the Netherlands.