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Metaverse Domains: Both a virtue and a vice for trademarks owners

You must have been living on Mars lately to not know that the metaverse is the next best thing. One can give several definitions to the metaverse, but – simply put – it is a network of interconnected 3D virtual spaces in which users can interact with each other via avatars. The fun thing about such a metaverse world, is that people can experience things which cannot be experienced, our which are at least more difficult to experience, in the real world. Via the metaverse you can for example walk across the Great Wall of China with one simple click of your mouse while doing the same thing in real life will cost more effort and money.

COVID-19: Infecting both people and the internet

COVID-19: Infecting both people and the internet

One would have had to have lived on another planet for the past year and a half – which would probably have been a better option than life on Earth – to not realize that the world was being held in the grip of a pandemic. What started as a small news item about a new Chinese flu variant quickly began to dominate news broadcasts all around the world. In a very short period of time, the Covid-19 virus successfully conquered the world and, in an attempt to stop it from spreading any further and limit the number of victims, far-reaching measures were taken by governments.