“Albéa called upon GEVERS & Orès for the secondment of a patent analyst for one day per month. The mission entrusted was to carry out prior art searches. Thanks to the proximity allowed by the secondment, the patent analyst worked closely with the patent engineers and the R&D teams of Albéa. The results obtained allowed the patent engineers to position themselves with the management during the innovation project steering meetings. This secondment experience strengthened the links between Albéa and GEEVERS & Orès, notably through a better knowledge of our technical fields and our working methods. Albéa took advantage of the secondment to carry out prior art research on upstream projects and thus save time during developments. The secondment was beneficial.”

Guillaume Mouraret
Group Industrial Property Manager - Albéa

``The Safran group called on the firm GEVERS & Ores (1 day/week) to promote better mutual knowledge of our work processes. The integration within the Safran team was a success for the follow-up of the files internally and the relations with the inventors. GEVERS & Ores has improved its knowledge of Safran's technical fields. In the end, each day of presence allowed us to process an invention up to the eventual filing of a patent application. We are delighted with this cooperation and are ready to repeat the experience if necessary.``

Responsable CEPI
Centre d’Excellence en Propriété Intellectuelle
Safran SA

“We are happy to see that GEVERS’ proactive and pragmatic actions
taken against parallel importers have shown positive and immediate
results - this strategy is shaping the approach of the market towards
intellectual property, and in particular, parallel import, and raising
awareness of the importance of using only legitimate sources when it
comes to HARMAN products, among customs, distributors and

Daniel Plewa
Operational Security Specialist at HARMAN

“Brands are the most valuable assets of a company. Protection of
intellectual property rights requires a robust and constant enforcement
plan covering both counterfeiting and parallel import issues. Because of
the lack of knowledge about parallel import among resellers and
consumers, this issue needed a particular approach which HARMAN
could develop and action in Europe with the expertise of GEVERS’
COFA team in Belgium; the team has the knowledge, the skills and the

Laetitia Boerie
Legal counsel EMEA at HARMAN

The Smurfs
“Since more than 50 years all trademark protection on Smurfs is handled by GEVERS and since 13 years now the GEVERS COFA department takes care of our actions against infringers. We are more than satisfied about this collaboration, interventions are taken very fast and very efficiently. The infringements stop and the COFA team obtains very often financial compensation for us covering more than the actual costs we invest. For IP owners it is a great relief to have entrusted all actions against infringers to the great professionals of the GEVERS COFA team. Thank you COFA team!”

Brigitte Ickmans

“Thanks GEVERS for the wonderful teamwork in navigating the patenting process in the EU and USA, and helping us achieve our first USA patent award for CicaLux plus two other patents in the USA and Europe! We have enjoyed working with you over the last 5 years and look forward to more patents in process! “

Michel Alvarez
CEO & Inventor

``Gevers&Ores has been supporting the Neuillylab startups for over a year on their Intellectual Property issues. This support takes the form of extremely educational workshops and consultations that allow our start-ups to address the subject of IP individually. In addition to their competence, the Gevers&Ores teams demonstrate a professionalism, commitment and creativity that are of great value to Neuillylab and its startups. The sympathy and benevolence of our interlocutors also contribute to the success of our partnership and to the pleasure we have in working with Gevers&Ores.``

Jérémy Talbot
Responsible of Neuillylab