Our Strategy

GEVERS is a strategic partner for the identification, protection, management but also exploitation of intellectual property along the full life cycle of the innovation process, totally aligned with your business strategy. Therefore suitable intellectual property services are defined in relation with your business goals.
Strategic partner, 360° approach strategy

WHY Should I get protection ?

Intellectual property rights' main reason of existence is to protect your innovation and to encourage you to further invest in building up a good reputation and/or Research & Development.

HOW to protect (360 approach) ?

Through the comprehensive in-house expertise of the GEVERS group, we are able to cover all your needs related to intellectual property rights acquisition, including tax, enforcement and valorization.
GEVERS has its own practices in Dispute Resolution, Contracting and Anti-Counterfeit and collaborates with a network of specialized local agents worldwide.
Strategic partner, 360° approach strategy


  • Awareness raising/training (workshops)
  • Contracting (NDA’s and agreements)
  • Project definitions (i-depots, invention mining & decision tree)
  • R&D – Landscaping – Freedom to operate
  • Creation, clearing & availability of IP rights
  • Audit & Due Diligence


  • Analysis & Strategy for management and protection
  • Drafting, Filing & Following up of IP rights
  • Recordals of change of titles
  • Asset Management via Client Portal
  • Specific measures for Trade Secrets
  • Treatment of refusals and objections


  • Valuation
  • Contracting – licenses, technology transfer, terms & conditions, collaboration agreements
  • Negotiations of deals & contracts




  • Oppositions (possible co-existence)
  • Cancellation / Invalidation
  • Litigation management
  • (Alternative) Dispute Resolution
  • Anti-Counterfeiting + Internet monitoring
  • Watches – IP + Competition