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Patent watch
Patent Watch : a strategic tool for innovation

There is no doubt that patents play a crucial role in promoting technological development. However, due to the ever increasing filing of patent applications, patent monitoring can be a daunting task.

Have you ever wondered what is the latest innovation in your field of expertise? Not only for the effort to find partnerships but also, to identify potential competitors or determine if you are free to operate. To stay informed on all levels in this capacity, a formalized program to “patent watch” can provide valuable business intelligence for your company.

ChatGPT : a pioneer of generative AI
ChatGPT : a pioneer of generative AI

In today’s tech-driven world, ChatGPT is virtually impossible to ignore. Emerging as a vanguard in generative AI, its impact on content creation pervades both mainstream media and the daily routines of myriad individuals. While ChatGPT boasts undeniable advantages, it prompts crucial discussions surrounding intellectual property (IP) and the impact of AI on the patent system.

digital fashion
The rise of digital fashion: A new area for community design rights?

The fashion industry is transforming from analog to digital. This evolution came about due to the increasing demand for sustainability and the influence of the gaming industry. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process by compelling the fashion industry to adjust to social distancing. While the use and sale of digital fashion creates a number of opportunities for fashion brands, it also opens the door to new disputes concerning the intellectual property rights attached to these digital products, especially design rights.

Non-Conventional Trademarks: the senses
Non-Conventional Trademarks Article #2: Trademarks that stimulate the senses

Trademark protection is invaluable within corporate intellectual property protection. First, there is a strong patrimonial value associated with trademark protection. Second, a trademark is the consumer’s point of reference within a vast and rapidly growing innovative and competitive world. A trademark offers recognizability and creates trust. It ensures that a consumer knowingly chooses a product or service from one company over the other. The investment in trademarks is therefore inextricably linked to the economic success of companies.

(Invalid) priority rights – going once, going twice…

EPO has released the highly anticipated decision in referrals G1/22 and G2/22. What was the referral about, what did the […]

Registered Community Design (RCD)
The benefits of an advice prior to filing your design application: how to optimize the scope of protection by choosing the right drawings/pictures

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Registered Community Design (RCD), the EUIPO has launched a new RCD easy filing form. While this new form eases the administrative aspect of filing the RCD, it does not change the filing requirements.

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