In memoriam - Florent Gevers

in memoriam

Born on July 14, 1934 and passed away on October 23, 2018


Florent Gevers was a leading figure in the field of intellectual property, both in his home country of Belgium and at international level. He was European Trade Mark and Patent attorney, and amongst others past President of the Official Advisory Group of the Belgian Government on Industrial Property, founder member, President and Honorary President of ECTA, President of the Belgian Group of AIPPI, Founder member and President of LES Benelux and founder member and President of BMM.

During his career, Florent placed strong emphasis on delivering a high-quality service and actively promoting IP awareness and importance. He played a leading role in preparing for both the European Patent the Benelux Trade Mark and he was a driving force behind other important changes, including the implementation of the Community Trade Mark and defending Geographic Indications

He was a man of firm ideas and strong views, but he was always willing to engage in respectful discussion and his dedication and commitment made a valuable contribution to the world of patents and trademarks in the European Union.

He strongly believed in sharing his knowledge with others including as a visiting professor at the Universities of Alicante (Spain), Strasbourg (France), Fordham (New York, USA), and K.U.B. (Brussels), as well as extensively lecturing worldwide (Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, Nairobi, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, US, amongst others) and mentoring his junior colleagues in Belgium. Though a senior expert and authority figure at the office, he could also be counted on to share a humorous tale to lighten a stressful day, even popping into the office after retirement.

While less active in daily office work with his official retirement in 2012 he continued to speak and present when possible, including at the annual ECTA conference in Alicante 2014.

He will be sadly missed by all his family, friends and former colleagues.


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