Audit & valuation

Reassessing a brand or patent portfolio on financial, administrative and strategic grounds is essential. Combined with a financial and fiscal assessment, this enables assets to be effectively profiled, in order to optimize profitability. GEVERS and its partners offer support in this complex but healthy process.

Tax breaks

Is intellectual property neutral from a taxation point of view? No. There are precise provisions that affect the tax regime of investments and revenue linked to your intellectual assets. It is better to know and plan ahead. Along with its partners, GEVERS allows you to optimise your rights and get the most out of them.

Brand valuation

Brand Valuation is about identifying, quantifying and understanding the brands multidimensional way of value creation. The service puts not only a consolidated number behind all this, but it delivers in-depth insights in what drives value, what drives customer demand and what has to be done in terms of brand management to create customer demand and improving the overall brand position.

Portfolio administrative & strategic audit

Any set of brands and patents needs to be examined regularly from not only the administrative point of view, but above all, strategically: are brands and patents still adapted to the company’s legal structure and to its products and countries strategies? GEVERS has made itself a specialist in these strategic audits, which can be conducted either at the time of a particular operation (i.e., acquisition, investment) or on a regular basis.