IP VAL : GEVERS’ all encompassing brand management concept

Exploit the financial potential of your brand assets

Brand Asset Management is about identifying, managing and making even more valuable one of the company’s most valuable assets: The brand. It is a holistic approach for steering the brand and the branding activities, respectively, on all relevant levels within the company’s organizational and processrelated structure.

The basis is a clear regime of brand asset management activities and tools, taking into account your company specific business strategies and business priorities at each management level.

Working closely together with you as a client, the IP VAL consultants define and build tailored brand asset management solutions, ranging from life-cycle optimization up to the optimization of branding budget allocation and sustainability planning.

The services include the following offers and expertises:

  • Brand Strategy
    An effective brand strategy outlines the “big picture” of the brand that not only creates brand attractiveness and consumer/customer empathy but also generates commitment and influence among key stakeholders. IP VAL develops tailored solutions to define your brand or brand portfolio strategies. The services include: Brand Positioning, Brand Migration, Brand Architecture.
  • Brand Management
    Brand Management means implementing operational and organizational processes and structures to steer the brand. IP VAL offers brand management systems tailored to the clients’ specific needs. This includes the following services: Brand Performance Management, Brand Analytics, Brand Risk Management.
  • Brand Capitalization
    The most profitable way of treating your brand as a company asset is making capital out of it, directly or indirectly. IP VAL offers advice tailored to the clients’ specific needs and assists them on all brand capitalization related matters. This includes: Brand Licensing, Brand Financing, Brand Extension.
  • Brand Valuation
    Brand Valuation is about identifying, quantifying and understanding your brands’ multidimensional way of value creation. Beyond our proven comprehensive and thorough method, IP VAL offers advice tailored to the clients’ specific needs. This includes: Financial Brand Valuation, Brand Due Diligence.